Moving In!

Tiffany Weldon

Posted on September 06 2019

Moving In!

  Hey guys!

    We made the move! This was our 8th move so you would think I'd be a pro by now but it's still just as stressful! Luckily, I have a super awesome and supportive family that always shows up to help out. We knew this house needed a few updates and decided to start with the kitchen. Our first project was the countertops. We had them replaced before we moved in and they turned out beautiful! We got an amazing deal in Augusta at Olympus Granite Everyone was really friendly and knowledgable. Who knew it could actually be interesting and somewhat fun to pick out granite!?

     So here is a little background - My husband and I moved around for a few years with his job, but have been back home in Augusta for the past 3 years. We finally decided to move back into the old house after renting it out while we were gone. It's been interesting to explain to Emma, who is four, about the two different houses and how she lived there for the first three months of her life! She's going through a scared of everything phase (that I'm reading is pretty normal), so when we told the rental bye I had her tell her scaredy-cat monsters that they are not welcome at our new house lol! So far, it's somewhat working.. she loves that we have stairs. Me, not so much!

We have a good bit of updating to do like removing old wallpaper and every single room needs paint! Some outside repairs like columns and ceiling fan replacements and some more pleasing to the eye things lol! It may take us quite some time to do everything on a tight budget, but it shall get done! Overall, it's still a beautiful home just the way it is and I'm very thankful for it! Here are a few pictures of the process so far and I'll keep you updated as we go!

Auggie and I also received a few shipments in the mail today! Keep watching for new items to hit the shop. Have an awesome day,


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